NYの黒人ゲイカルチャーが生んだ「VOGUE BEATS」を主軸として活動するアーティスト。



本場NYのVogueチーム「House of Milan」へ2020年に加入。

日本のみならずウクライナやLAなど様々な国のイベントにて出演・受賞歴を持つ。2018年オーストラリアにて当時最大級のVogueイベント「Sparkling Ball」の企画・運営を担当。2021年には世界初のプロダンスリーグ「D LEAGUE」にて楽曲提供を行い、D.LEAGUE Round4ではその提供楽曲を使用したチームBenefit one MONOLIZが優勝した。


HOME TOWN Osaka, Japan

BORN in 1995

Composer, Dancer

Writing unique lyrics representing his own sense of life, WasaVi specializes music “Vogue Beats” which originated from gay culture in NY.

Starting his career with an electronic organ as a three-year-old child, he has learned the sax, shamisen and Nose flute.

When he was in the 3rd year of middle school, his first title ‘Château’ won the first prize at Ishii-Gakki Yamaha Contest.

In 2016 he got his start in the vogue scene, inspired by the fashionableness. He goes on to various events in Japan, Sydney and Ukraine, making himself an award-winning artist.

In 2018 he tuned to MC other than a trackmaker at the vogue scene, armed with “chant” which is like rap music unique to the scene.

He has chanted at almost all of the vogue scene in Japan since 2019.

In 2020 he released “Mind Your Pussy” featuring his own chant.