WasaVi Releases Music Video of his New Single『Ocean of Strings』- Bondage, woven with beauty and decadence.

2023/8/11(fri)12:00 Info Release

■Music Video( YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd3ungErsYI )


WasaVi Releases Music Video of  his New Single『Ocean of Strings』-  Bondage, woven with beauty and decadence.

■Sub Title

Questioning oneself in a fiercely captivating yet sensually artistic perspective with bondage artist and professional dancer; “Is freedom truly happiness?”


WasaVi; artist known for his vivid thematic and scene depictions that lead to a decadent fantasy world, will be releasing his first Music Video “Ocean of Strings” on August 11, 2023 (Friday).

This piece’s theme, “Is freedom truly happiness?” originates from the Japanese creation “Kinbaku / Rope Art.” The Rope Art sensually portraying comfort from restraint, and the pain of freedom with

As the title “Strings – (rope)”, this piece is composed of string instruments. 

The introduction awakens one in a cocoon of bondage resembling the womb, wrapped in a mysterious yet sacred choir. As the music intensifies, struggling to break free from the ropes – does happiness await, or something else…

Combining the artistic representation of bondage symbolizing limitations, and with WasaVi’s distinctive soundscapes and scene depiction, the Music Video questions – “Is freedom truly happiness?”

The heart of the performance lies in the artistry of bondage, brought to life by versatile rope artist active across various fields, Kohei Shibusawa. Dancers are AMI and keijiro, from professional dance league “Benefit one MONOLIZ,” participating in “D.LEAGUE”. Both being an internationally acclaimed rope artist and professional dancers, powerfully create an intense and sensual aesthetic.

Additionally, Music Video from each dancer’s perspective is coming soon. AMI version on August 18, 2023 (Friday) and keijiro version on the following Friday, August 25.



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■Artist Profile

WasaVi, an artist who lures us into a decadent fantasy world with vivid, thematic scene descriptions. His work is woven with vibrant stories conducted with diverse sounds and a unique vocal style rooting from Chant, portraying pain and conflict.

Started music interest with the electric organ at the age of 3, and composing music since age of 6, WasaVi explored various instruments and music during his student years, including the Saxophone, vocal music, and Shamisen. He holds a record number of the most appearances as a ballroom MC in Japan. And in 2022, he served as the MC for the first Asia Night Embassy, a club event by Jägermeister. From 2020 to 2023, he worked as the music producer for “Benefit one MONOLIZ” as the world’s first professional dance league, the “D. LEAGUE.”

“Save my past self.” The listeners of WasaVi’s music are none other than himself in the past. Continuously going back and forth of ideal and reality, true emotions and pretense, he creates an enchanting fantasy world to support himself, and those who are now currently suffering.

The decadent world expressed with a blend of orchestral and ethnic sounds serves as a sanctuary for those who find suffocation in the bright and optimistic world. It captivates with its vivid yet mysterious tones, offering peace to people feeling constrained in the midst of their daily lives.


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